Keeping your business property spruced up and looking sharp is a very important part of your brand management. Here are the most important steps to take before pressing the start button of a project by a commercial painter in Sydney.

Step #1 – Schedule The Project In Advance

Do all your research in advance so that you can investigate material options carefully as well as research the short-listed contractors. Avoid rushed decisions. You can also then choose dates that suit you instead of being limited to dates in the contractor’s diary.

It will give you time to pre-warn clients, make strategic plans for your business during the painting project, and prepare attractive items or equipment needed during that time. Cordoning off an area with scrappy, abused screens will affect your clients’ user experience.

Step #2 – Choose An Appropriately Skilled Painter

Commercial painter’s projects are usually more complex than domestic projects due to building sizes. Commercially experienced painters have the skills, material knowledge, and tools necessary to make sure your business’ new paint job is executed flawlessly and lasts.

Step #3 – Choose Your Paint

Choosing paint is not only about colour but the technical specifications as well. Your painter can advise on the best paint for the substrate they are painting onto, including prep materials and primers.

Then, the colour choice needs to be made. Neutral colours have more longevity style-wise; very light or dark colours show up the dirt more, whilst a bold colour scheme could help improve your branding or visibility.

Step #4 – Customers And Operations Adjustments

If the project is going to interfere with business operations, you need to prepare staff and clients. Let them know the impact and for how long. Send notices via email, social media, and, a few weeks before the project startup, set up branded signs in your venue.

Step #5 – Plan Extra Cleaning

The preparation work prior to painting creates dust, so it would be best if you had extra cleaning shifts planned for the cleaning of surfaces during your operating hours. It would also be helpful to plan that phase during your quietest periods. Remove any items that you want to protect from the area that is being worked on.

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It is important that certified professionals are used for commercial buildings as well as having your related high-rise project safety services inspected.  The legal and financial ramifications for business or builder owners are severe if any non-compliant systems lead to workplace accidents or deaths.