The paint trade industry has had some fascinating developments in the past decade.  With customers demanding a better experience of products and brands, the paint industry has not been immune. In addition to new paints to meet those demands, Sydney painting companies have also leveraged digital apps.

Here are some of the industry developments that have occurred:

Moisture Damage Technology

The old-style two-component acrylic polymer waterproofing paints have been replaced by water-soluble crystalline micro-structure materials which penetrate deep into concrete floor painters. Sydney painting companies use this integrated waterproofing to get longer-lasting results.

This is perfect for high humidity locations or seasonal heavy rain areas. A Sydney painting company can also use moisture check tools during scheduled maintenance to assess if new waterproofing is needed.

Washable Paints

There are paints available with cross-linking polymers and super-fine pigment molecules that give a more advanced washability of surfaces. Not only does this keep your property looking ship-shape, but it also helps with refurbishments due to vandalism.

Antibacterial Paints 

Paints now have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-foaming options in their repertoire. These are clear favourites of health and care institutions, labs, hospitals, and schools.

Odour-Eliminating Paints

We all know that molecules carrying smells stick to surfaces. Anti-odour paints can absorb harmful and unpleasant odours. These even act as anti-pollutant tools by making the air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

Software Tools

Colour previewing software shows colour schemes on 3D digital models. This greatly assists with choosing the right combination. This eliminates the risks of wasted capital, project redos and harmed client relationships.

Scheduling software is also a huge boost to Sydney painting companies. This drives down costs, increases efficiencies, produces more competitive pricing and assists with customer satisfaction. They cover planning, crew deployment, scheduling, progress monitoring, collaboration and stakeholder communication. Traditional methods are extremely labour intensive and take site managers away from managing the quality of the work.

Green Paints

Paints with low or zero VOC are widely available now and with good durability. We are all very aware of the need to fight the presence of harmful chemicals in our environment and on our planet.

 Advanced Tools

Tools and equipment are also going through a revolution. Brushes and rollers are now airbrushes or paint sprayers. This allows contractors to work faster and produce a uniform result.

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It is important that certified professionals are used for commercial buildings as well as having your related high-rise project safety services inspected. The legal and financial ramifications for business or builder owners are severe if any non-compliant systems lead to workplace accidents or deaths.