Is your home or commercial property looking a little worn out? It might be time to spruce it up with paint. Home and commercial painting are in high demand due to the professional appearance it can give a building. But painting often comes down to time, budget and value for money when choosing a company to tackle your project. So here are three factors to consider for painting your property, and why we’re the top choice Sydney painting company for the job.


After many years of wear and tear, parts of your home or commercial building may need to be repainted. This is due to a variety of factors such as the quality of paint, workmanship and weather conditions, like direct sun exposure or humidity. Signs to look for which indicate that repainting is on your horizon are: cracks, bubbles, chipped paint, discolouration in patches or the entire area, and hardened caulk around windows. Also, if you simply cannot remember the last time the space was painted, this is probably a good sign that you need to apply a fresh coat.


A beautiful paint job has the ability to improve the appearance of a building unlike most other maintenance work. This is especially useful to those looking to sell either their home or commercial building. The look of a fresh and clean paint job will appeal to prospective buyers and could even increase your property’s value. If renovating, repainting is a good way to uplift and spruce up a space without much effort, especially if a colour is chosen to better suit the area. Light and bright colours such as whites and light browns or blues can give the illusion of more natural sunlight, and dark colours such as dark greys or patterns can be striking to the eye and create interest and style.


It is important to consider your budget and the type of area being painted, as this will influence the type of paint that should be used and how it should be applied. There is a large variety of paints on the market such as (but not limited to) oil, emulsion, enamel and cement paint. These all have different pros and cons. So it’s advisable that you consult a professional for advice to choose the most valuable paint for your situation.

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