Painting your roof may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of home renovations, but it can prove to have many benefits long term. That said, if you want your roof to last well into the future, it’s essential to choose a professional roof painter in Sydney to tackle the task and not just anyone with a paint roller. Let’s look at three reasons why having your roof professionally painted should be on your home upgrade to-do list.


Painting your roof can lower your household’s energy costs. This is because a painted roof provides more insulation to the house. Cold air will stay indoors in summer, and warm air will be trapped inside come winter. Therefore, less energy needs to be used on air conditioning and heating the home, saving you money in the long run. This is also better for the environment due to the diminished energy use, which reduces your overall carbon footprint.

Increase Home Value

Fact: painting your roof costs far less than replacing it. So if your roof is still structurally sound but needs an improved appearance, a coat of paint will brighten it up instantly. This will also make the home look more aesthetically appealing as a whole. Good aesthetics are helpful if you are looking to sell your home in the future as buyers may perceive it as more valuable.


Painting your roof can help to prevent the growth of harmful algae and lichens which can cause cracks and corrosion. This is because they hold water against the surface of the roof which speeds up this process. To ensure a roof’s durability and functionality, the rule of thumb is to paint it every five years to remain in optimal condition. Minor issues such as leaks and rust can also be identified and corrected without a large cost.

There are specific paints that are designed for use on roofs and adhere to a variety of roof surface materials. These are able to survive weathering and exposure to the elements such as sun and wind. So in a nutshell, you can increase your roof’s lifespan by investing in the right roof paint that’s painted on by a professional.

If you feel your residential roof needs a paint job, save your budget in the long run by calling in SRAP – the best roof painter in Sydney. For quality paint service and a hassle-free and budget-friendly experience, contact us today for an obligation-free quote.