In a nutshell, there are distinct differences between an epoxy concrete floor coating and concrete floor paint. The latter is usually composed of latex acrylic, and some may contain a small amount of epoxy to increase durability while remaining a paint. An epoxy concrete floor coating needs to be applied by experienced, certified epoxy floor painters in Sydney. However, materials-wise, it is a fair investment, so you don’t want a poor-quality application from the cheapest quote.

What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a two-part solution of which one part is a heat-creating curing component – a hardener. The hardener is activated when the two parts are mixed and gives epoxy its strength. Finally, epoxy cures, the paint dries.

The process creates dense polymer (think ‘plastic’) structures which form a coating that sticks extremely well to a properly prepared surface. As a result, the layer is thicker than the paint.

The market offers 100% solid epoxy, a solvent-based epoxy coating or a water-based epoxy coating, the latter being the ‘greener’ option. The option is greener as it contains only about 40% – 60% epoxy. This, in turn, means it is thinner and therefore is easier to apply.

For heavy traffic areas, a solvent-based epoxy painting & coating would offer a slightly firmer finish, but the application process releases toxic fumes, thus requiring the use of respirator masks.

A 100% solids epoxy coating application is usually for the most challenging environments as it can withstand hot tires, scratches, oil, and chemical spillage. In a factory or warehouse environment, they will still last up to 20 years.

Cleaning Your Concrete Floor Coating

The terrific benefit of a coated floor is that dust and dirt don’t stick to it. A simple mopping of the floor once a week will suffice! If your floor coating has had an aggressive anti-slip aggregate added to it, then a soft bristle broom will be your weapon of choice.

If there are expansion gaps, then, for the meticulous clients, these can be vacuumed out, but a sweep from a broom should also solve the dirt challenge.

When there is a spill or a fluid leak, a quick wipe with a soft cloth will be the answer, and if it’s greasy, then a spot of window cleaning fluid will solve that!

If you want your concrete floor painters or coating specialists who get the job done correctly and efficiently, then our team in Sydney is only a call away!