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At Sydney Remedial, Access and Painting (SRAP), we are different than other Sydney painting companies because we communicate with you one-on-one before, during and after the completion of each project and we develop the most effective specification for your facility ensuring that the longest period between repaints is possible. We carefully considered the most effective and efficient method of access and preparation to achieve the best long-term results.

We don’t just paint, we provide extreme-access painting. Our professional teams strictly adhere to written, project customised specifications from manufacturers for home painting, epoxy painting, epoxy floor and concrete floor painting in Sydney. Our carefully executed projects are on time, and on budget with constant updates along the way.

Our Residential, Strata and Commercial Painting Services



New Paint Technologies Used By Professional Painters in Sydney

The paint trade industry continues to evolve as customer and environmental demands on products increase. The industry continues to respond with newer technology in the design and content of paints for commercial painters and domestic painters in Sydney.

These include:

  • Epoxy floor painting
  • Garage floor painting
  • Interior house painting
  • Roof painting
  • Surface sealing

There have been advancements across the board. In addition to more advanced recipes and technological breakthroughs, there are advancements in the customer experience via more and more help becoming available via digital apps.


Moisture is an ongoing challenge in some areas of the world, while others experience drought and severe heat challenges for surface coatings. Historically, “two-part” acrylic polymer waterproofing paints were used to coat walls or areas as a barrier to moisture ingress. Today, Sydney painting service companies use water-based, clear micro-structure solutions to permeate concrete and masonry in interior painting and exterior painting. A professional painter in Sydney will use the advanced products in combination with membrane and rubber-based solutions to give a holistic waterproofing treatment of a building. This delivers greater overall durability and structural integrity to a building.

Strata painters, professional painters and commercial painters in Sydney can also use moisture checking tools before scheduled maintenance.

Washable Painted Surfaces Used By Painters

Washable paints were a nice-to-have category, but as convenience needs have increased, the washable feature has extended to a need-to-have category. The washable feature is created by the production of a paint’s structure that has cross-linking polymers. Examples of cross-linking polymers are polyester fibreglass, polyurethane coatings, vulcanised rubber, epoxy resins, etc. Super-fine colour pigment molecules are utilised to ensure the surface is as smooth (and washable) as possible.

Council prefer this paint as it is easier to clean “tagging” and vandalism off of it. This makes it popular for property perimeter walls as well.

Antibacterial Paints Used By Commercial Painters, Sydney

Paints now have inherent structures and ingredients that passively discourage the growth of bacteria and fungus.

These paints are obviously top choices for health care institutions, education facilities, laboratories, technology hardware manufacturing sites and commercial buildings. In more general properties, they function well on room doors and restroom cubicle doors to reduce the spread of germs.

These specialist paints have antimicrobial agents infused in their solution, which hinder or stop the advancement of microorganisms and diseases. The paints can achieve this due to specific additives included in their recipes, such as copper-nickel-zinc. The result is rooms that can self-treat odours, viruses and organic growths like mould.

Research has shown brilliant results from paints that protect interior users from staphylococci, flu viruses, fungi, etc.

Odour-Eliminating Paints

Few people wash the walls of their interiors, yet the walls add up to the largest surface area in a building. They have odour carrying molecules and other unwanted, unseen molecules sticking onto them every day. By utilising anti-odour paint, nose scrunching smells are eliminated, and so are bacteria. Pollution and grime also find it harder to stick to these “smart” paints. The interior is left healthier, and the paint contributes towards the reduction in sick-building syndrome.

Software Tools For Home Painting

Property owners are not professional painters, architects or interior designers and, therefore, seeing the impact of colour, when used over an entire house, is not easy. This is where colour previewing software is super helpful. Some of the more advanced ones can display a planned colour scheme, not just one colour option. This makes decision making much easier for property owners and takes away the risk of a sinking heart as your chosen colour turns into a curbside fail with each additional coat.

In addition to getting the colour right, it helps get the colour combination of the whole scheme correct.

Green Paints For Building Painting

Getting your green ratings right for your commercial, hospitality, or residential property is no longer just an ethical decision but a legislative requirement. Your professional painting service company in Sydney can help you select paints with low to zero VOC emissions. The options available are broad, and they continue to grow.

It is not only about saving the planet but improving the quality of your own health and that of your family, staff or customers. By removing carcinogenic or other toxic chemicals from your building environment, you are stopping the slow absorption of chemicals by your body and are becoming part of an overall planet environmental solution, win-win.