Painting a house is simple, right? Before buying that paint protection outfit, here is a look at DIY versus Professional to help you decide whether booking a professional painter in Sydney is best.

DIY painting might appear cheaper as skilled labour costs are the majority of the price, but lots of equipment and materials are still needed. In addition, correction costs for incorrectly purchased or applied items will easily justify professional costs. Would you prefer a professional? Let our professional, efficient team get the job done correctly so that the paintwork lasts for the guaranteed lifespan of the paint.

But let’s still explore DIY versus professional.

What Materials And Equipment Are Needed For Painting Jobs?

A painting job needs a lot more than paint. Here is an overview of items:

  • Hi-pressure cleaning equipment
  • Different size brushes
  • Rollers and extension poles
  • Scaffolding and ladders
  • Safety equipment for double-storey work
  • Caulk and compounds
  • Repair tools
  • Scrapers. Note: continuously sharpened them, blunt scrapers are useless
  • Sandpaper of different grits
  • Primers per types of paint
  • Various types of quality paints
  • Trays or buckets with grids
  • Lots of painters tape
  • Lots of protective drop sheets
  • Painting equipment cleaning materials

Plan for three to seven days for a team to repair and prep the entire house. But all jobs aren’t that big, so when should you DIY?

A Room Or A House

What is the scope of your work? Is it the entire exterior or interior? Or is it a quick room transformation? An entire building needs significant time if you are doing it single-handedly. Calculate the value of your time per hour and the related cost of labour for the job.

If the scope of work is only one or two rooms, then you could attempt it yourself. It will take a few days as preparation will take a couple of days.

Prepping and painting a whole house takes an extensive effort:

  • Drop sheets and protection must be placed on areas potentially affected.
  • These items must be moved with the work and reset up.
  • Every wall, window, window frame, door, door frame, fascia, timber work, etc., needs to be repaired.
  • Each of these areas needs to be prepped.
  • The above areas plus fixtures, skirtings and wall-to-other interfaces must be taped to prevent contamination.

Realistically, you could be seven working days into the project by now. However, lots of repairs could put you at fourteen working days. You can now decide: is it time to book professional painters?

If you want your painting done perfectly, efficiently, and to look good for years, then our professional team of painters in Sydney is only a call away!