If you are a business owner or building owner, you are most likely juggling 100 important things all at once. Safety legislation is complex and covers so many areas of your business; you might feel like you are chasing your tail some days. Do you know if your premises is compliant? It would be better to find out via an audit and not via a loss of life. Legislations requires you to have your roof safety re-certified every 12 months.

Auditing your roof safety and inspections for recertifying it is very important for any building in Sydney that has its business team, technical contractors or cleaning personnel working heights.


Certification Requirements

It is not as simple as sending someone up there every now and then to run an eye over things.  Even if there is a height safety system in place, you have to keep on making sure it is compliant and in tip-top working order.

A certified professional has to initially do an inspection, according to AS/NZS 1891.4 2009, before a system is even used for the first time. After that, roof safety re-certification is needed once a year to ensure the system is still safe, compliant and to ensure there has been no tampering or unexpected failure due to environmental conditions.

The roof safety inspection involves a comprehensive inspection of the building by certified technicians experienced in height safety. All the systems will be tested for strength, functionality, mobility and live load capability.


Next Steps

Any issues raised can then be addressed and could be as simple as better storage, better protection or a replacement of bolts in an access ladder.

Sydney Remedial, Access And Painting can immediately resolve any problems or maintenance issues, so the inspection and fix are all done at once.

The legal and financial ramifications for business or builder owners are severe if any non-compliant systems lead to a workplace accident or the unwitting death of a staff member.

Our company, Sydney Remedial, Access And Painting, is an industry leader in the installation and certification of compliant height safety systems. We guarantee the legitimacy of all the systems we install and certify. We are fully competent and aligned with all relevant Australian height safety regulations. Contact us to book an inspection to ensure the safety of your whole team.