Unless you work for a paint company, an architecture firm or an interior design firm, you most likely do not have colour trends and colour strategies at your fingertips. It does help to know what colour works, and what the design impact of certain colours will be, so you are confident in your residential painting project. But first, keep in mind that your Sydney house painter cannot quote accurately for their painting service unless they have the final colours.

If you want to make sure you don’t devalue your property by painting it in an incorrect combination or in an old fashioned colour, then read on!

The Key To Colour Choices

Whilst it might seem counter-intuitive, you mustn’t fear the use of colour in your residential interior and exterior. It is after all your home that you are painting.

Colour shows your personality, the personality of the architecture and adds an emotional depth. No amount of combinations of grey and white are going to achieve a strong emotional bond.

Whilst it might be good to keep a ‘mostly neutral’ palette, you must add a splash of colour to the entrance hall or doors. A red, yellow or royal blue front door is always a delightful design addition.

Colour Advice For Interiors

Globally, trends are favouring greys and greens as the focus on the Earth and all things earthy continues. The trend of dusty pink is dying off and a yellow undertone, which is very 1950s-esque, is experiencing a resurgence in shades of peach and apricot.

Whites are, of course, also receiving the yellow undertone. Toss those grey undertone, cold whites quick.

Colour Advice For Exteriors

As with interiors, the exteriors are following suit with neutrals and light to medium yellow-toned (warm) greys taking the lead (Greige). Paint mould works around windows and doors with a warm white.

Charcoal is a very popular exterior colour and very impactful. Charcoal can make a property seem extremely dominant, so use it sparingly unless you want a building to look bigger than it is. A good tip is to paint the mould work warm white here as well.

Remember that it is essential that you paint up large samples of paint on your walls before deciding. Reflections from your home’s surroundings will affect the way that the paint is viewed.

1970’s browns are bouncing back, and we hope that doesn’t bring silky running shorts!

We would love to discuss your Sydney Home Painting Service requirements as your top Residential Painter. As experienced house painters, we can give you advice on colours suitable for the style of your home, as well as your needs. Contact us today [insert contact page hyperlink] for home residential painting services projects and let us answer any paint questions you might have!