As a Sydney building owner, you can give maintenance, renovation and repair contractors access via various means, but industrial rope access delivers the most advantages over all other means. It is important for building owners and contractors to be aware of these benefits before starting a project that affects long term expenses.

Key benefits include an impeccable safety record, speed, efficiency and effectiveness when working at height. Here is a quick breakdown of the benefits for you and your building.


The word ‘inaccessible’ is removed when industrial rope access is involved. The working-at-height technicians can adapt to a variety of different conditions, environments, structures and terrains. Hard-to-reach places are easily addressed even if the architectural designs create complex access issues for scheduled maintenance or repairs. Ground-level terrain stability with offshore structures and bridges is not required with rope access.


The industrial rope access industry has an impeccable safety history for its working at height services. Globally, the casualties are impressively low due to strict regulations and monitoring. The industry procedures, set and updated by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC), focus purely on the prevention of workplace deaths, injury and disease in Australia. Each rope access technician is highly trained in work and emergency procedures.


Mobilisation and set-up time are quicker with rope access, with a couple of hours needed for rigging at most, but usually, only minutes are required. Work starts quickly on the task at hand, and technicians can get to where they need to be very quick. Rope access beats scaffolding setup hands (and stopwatches) down!


A reputable rope access company will have diverse rope-access trained workers who can paint, weld, do high-pressure cleaning, conduct surveys, and operate cameras.


Less equipment, setup time, and manpower are required to perform rope access work, so fewer costs are incurred. The main cost is labour, not tons of equipment. Due to the fast operational results, the speed and efficiency of rope access is a big value add as well.


Due to lightweight equipment and the fast-in-out nature of rope access, there are minimal knock-on effects of disruption. There is no ground-level encroachment on public areas and entrances of buildings. The lightweight, minimal manpower nature of rope access also greatly reduces the risk of damage to a building’s exterior.

At SRAP, we pride ourselves on high levels of training and consistent attention to detail. Whether you need maintenance, repairs or renovations, booking an industrial rope access solution in Sydney and save yourself money, time and stress.