A garage is a place to dump junk or store bulky things, and no one will see it, right? It might be time to consider a makeover with a sleek, elegant epoxy floor painting solution for your Sydney garage.

The Value Of A Garage

If you think about it, if your garage is facing the street, it might comprise between thirty and fifty percent of the total curbside facade. Your home will increase in value if your garage is:

  • Organised
  • Clean
  • With painted, clean walls
  • A painted, clean floor
  • All contents behind cabinet doors or stacked on racks
  • Larger items hung on brackets

Storage is very attractive to buyers and you providing such solutions in a garage makes the move-in less stressful and more appealing for the buyer.

As a guideline, estate agents globally use approximately fifteen percent as the garage value factor, e.g. a house value of $1 million has a garage value at $150,000 – if it’s in good condition. A poor quality garage could lose you as much as $75,000.

An epoxy floor painting solution for a double garage in Sydney can cost between $1,800 and $6,000, depending on the floor condition and the amount of diamond grinding.

The Garage Makeover

You might have allocated a few functions to your garage, like parking, various storage, and a workshop. Your garage makeover must accommodate all those functions.

Like any makeover, it starts with a cleanup.

1) Let It Go!

Sort, discard and donate. Only keep what you use, donate useful items, throw away broken or junk items.

2) Paint The Walls And Floor

Get a professional company in to quote. They will review the condition of the floor and walls and advise on paints and colours. Painted surfaces will reflect more light, thereby increasing the visual lightness and size of the space.

Brighten up the garage with colour or keep it an elegant palette of neutrals. Preferably use epoxy paint that is designed for floors as it will keep its looks for years even with the heavy load of cars moving across it.

3) Pack Away 

Now it’s time to pack away small things and rack large things, e.g. bicycles, mowers and surfboards on brackets or hooks.

4) Organise your work area

Use a pegboard for tools and old jars for smalls like nuts, bolts and washers. To increase comfort, put rubber mats down where you stand for long periods to work.

5) Safety proof your garage

Keep poisonous chemicals locked away, and do not store them with rags or paper as this is a fire hazard. Keep sharp tools up out of reach or in locked cupboards or boxes. Add lots of lighting so that you can see while you work. Well-planned lighting also makes the interior more beautiful.

6) Protection for your car

If you do woodwork in the garage, get a cover to keep the dust off the car. Hang a cord and tennis ball from the rafters to touch your windscreen at a position that leaves working space and garage door clearance.

Get your garage makeover started by booking an epoxy floor painting solution in Sydney and enjoy the excellent return on investment.