Let’s face it: we all want our homes and property to look its best, and few things can make an immediate transformational impact like a fresh coat of paint. Your home’s exterior creates the first impression for visitors and sets the tone of your particular style preferences. While it’s undeniable that a paint job is always a great idea, today, we’ll look at how getting your house painted can positively impact the property’s overall value and what you should do to make the best choice when it comes to house painters in Sydney.

Choose The Right Colours

Unless you’re happy to spend a good chunk of your savings on having the house repainted again at a later stage, should you decide to sell it, opting for neutral colours is always the wisest choice. Prospective buyers already have to face dealing with taking a lot of time and effort to pack up and move, so they’d prefer to move into a home that will need minimal work or changes made. You may love canary yellow, but not everyone will feel as excited about having that as their house’s colour. Keep your paint colour palette options to whites, beiges and light grey shades to ensure maximum appeal. The same goes for the interior: keep to neutral tones, but avoid using white in bathrooms as it creates a very cold, flat ambience against the other white installations like basins and bathtubs. If you’re in doubt, consulting with a paint specialist to get expert advice on the best shades to opt for.

Go With Professional Painters

Painting your house yourself is always an option, but as anyone who has done it can confirm, it’s a long and tiring job. Entrusting the project to the professionals will not only take time and hassle off your hands, but you’ll be certain that every part of your house will be carefully prepared and painted to look its absolute best. You’ll also have a team dedicating their time to your home so that the job is done quickly and professionally.

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