Booking accommodation at a hotel can be for business or pleasure but, with either option, at the end of the day, you want a peaceful sleep. Judging by the online reviews analysed by ReviewPro, hotels in 19 out of 20 countries have noise as the top complaint from guests. As a leading supplier of roof safety solutions in Sydney, we get to see the source of some of these complaints.


A hotel is an accommodation machine with many noise sources such as rooftop generators, rooftop pools/bars, elevators, kitchens, and dozens of extraction fans. These pieces of equipment create noises and vibrations, the latter of which is only perceived within a building. Big noisy generators are often in basements or on hotel roofs which is where we meet them. The irony is that rooftop machinery placement or pool bars are located directly above the hotel’s premium suites – a highly sensitive room below the main producer of vibration/noise.


Sound Absorption For Rooftop Solutions


Sound absorption engineers work with 4D sound analysis and have a range of products for acoustic insulation. Proposals include elastic suspensions and box-in-box construction. Remember – any equipment placement, insulation remedies, or construction on the rooftop requires your safety equipment to be in certified working order.


The box-in-box technique often outperforms the solution of placing equipment on a vibration-absorbing platform. This is because the boxing technique creates an insulated space within an outer shell. Any surplus, airborne noise can be contained as well as structure-borne noise that would otherwise travel through the hotel structure.


Beating Sound Disturbance From The Roof


The soundproofing process starts with disconnecting the floor, wall, and ceiling elements to hinder sound wave transmission. Specialised, superior quality acoustic hangers can be used with a suspended ceiling in conjunction with an acoustic wall, and floor tiles and noise absorbing mineral wool can fill air gaps. Disconnecting rigid structures brings quick results.


There is no silver bullet solution as each hotel structure is unique with its specific natural frequencies. A specialised acoustic consultant or soundproofing engineer is a vital lead player in these solutions.


Quick-fix solutions such as mounting generators on coil spring mounted platforms can fail even if the springs have low stiffness. A high frequency can travel easily through the spring and can create resonances. There must be a multi-layered solution involving disconnection and elastomeric materials.


Whatever solution you are aiming for, the engineers and contractors must have a safe working environment. This means your roof safety solutions in Sydney must be in tip-top condition. Call our professional, experienced team at SRAP to quickly verify your roof safety and tweak any misnomers they find to avoid placing contractors in a potentially dangerous work environment.