Most of know the impact we feel upon arriving at a well maintained commercial or residential building. For a Sydney business, it says SO much about your brand if your interior and exterior painting work looks fresh and not weathered, tired and battered.

If your commercial building is going to contain multiple brands, you may be wondering which route to take with regards to selecting the perfect colour for it. You don’t want the building to be dull and unimpressive, but you also don’t want it to do be such a feature that it detracts attention away from the brands within!

Consider the following advice when selecting the next exterior painting or interior painting colours for your Sydney property:

General Colouring Advice

A commercial building is significantly larger than the average Joe’s home. Whatever you paint on it will be amplified by its size, so that gorgeous green from your holiday cottage might be a green nightmare on your office block. It is advisable to opt for a light, neutral colour. Yellow undertones are the way to go for 2021 and beyond. This will reflect gorgeous sunny days, while still being neutral with subtle, cheerful undertones.

Any signage that you will have on the building will be given a head start as the neutral canvas will help branding signage really stand out.

Select some smaller architectural features and use a bold colour on this area, e.g. doors, doorway trips, window mouldings, flue walls etc.

Unfortunately, if your property is of historical importance or is a heritage building, then there might very well be regulations regarding colour usage.

A Theory On The Impacts Of Colour

Yellow – Encourages hope with confidence and playfulness. In very pale tones it is believed to bring about calmness.

Blue – Gives out the impression of being trustworthy, strong, and honest. Banks often use this colour.

Red – Increases excitement, hence its link to passion, activity and, with the use of deeper shades, an appetite stimulant.

Orange – Increases happiness, friendliness and creativity. It is also believed to give the impression of affordability.

Green – Promotes thoughts of growth, refreshing revival, a closeness to nature, and a perception of things related to it are earthy.  Some holistic medicine practitioners will not use green in their offices as they worry that it might make diseases grow, not only positive things.

Purple – Brings on a feeling of nostalgia and also make you creative.

Black and near black – Indicates a sophisticated presence or brand, to increase an expectation of luxury, seduction, formality and an authoritative position.

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